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I scheduled a ticket to have my gas turned back on last Friday and 5 day later and two calls to confirm the reservation, two emergency excuses and no service... Been 5 days. *** service. CG sucks

The last tech called me at 6 and said he is thirty minutes away. It is nine pm and my wife is crying. My daughter is crying. My son is crying. Where is the support... Called the 800 number and office is. Loosed...

This is unacceptable and is so frustrating I can't explain. Call me to discuss. I have zero confidence in c(

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Man up dude and pay your bills on time.. No company gives their products for free. You should of never put your family in that position

to Anonymous #879505

Wow. That's just an ignorant comment. No one asked for anything for free...just for their service to be restored in a timely manner after their account was brought current.

to Anonymous #1397807

Judging by your comments you must be accustomed to non-payment...

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