I've told Columbia gas to call me and not my husband if there was ever and issue with the gas because he works all the time where he can't get to the phone. I work as well but can answer my phone. So they shut off our gas yesterday even though I was home. They never knocked, called, or left anything at the door.

After speaking with them they said its not their responsibility. I also had to pay a $50 fee. They guaranteed me someone would be here at 8 am to turn it back on. I asked that they took the fee off seeing it just happened to be my day off and if someone had called or knocked I would have taken care of it.

They said that because the bill was in my husbands name that I would have to be an authorized user to pay the bill. I stated that I was. they verified it but said they don't call me unless there's a leak. If i wanted them to call me that I would have to call a different department and set it up that way which no one ever told me. I figured that authorized is authorized especially because when my husband added me, they said I was authorized. I would also think that a company would call both numbers listed.

Anyhow I asked them when they could come out to turn it back on. The lady put me on hold for 45 mins and said we have you on for 8am tomorrow and you don't have to be home.

Well its 9:30 and no one arrived so I called and they said that they could show up anytime between now and 11pm. Hello?! I was told I didn't have to be here (which seemed odd since they had to relight everything but they assured me that I wouldnt). They also said that the only I could schedule an appointment was a week from today and if I wanted to leave to leave a tech my key. Um no.

I am so mad. I rented a truck because I was planning on moving my store to a separate location today. They waste so much of my time and money. In return they bill you excessively (like the 25 minimum bill. How are you supposed to conserve energy but be billed for more than you use. I will use 25 worth if I'm paying 25 worth. They said that's meter reading cost. Fine. I'll read my own meter and you can come out in September and verify that my numbers are correct for the summer. I should bill them 25 a month).

I hate Columbia gas. They said the 50 fee was an Ohio law for reconnection and there was nothing they could do about it. Sounds like a scam that only lines the pockets of the department that put that law on the books. What do they care if a third party gas company gets paid???

Oh and I got a "heartfelt apology", but I will have to spend my only day off to move sitting here waiting for the tech to get here anytime from now til 11pm.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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They send a termination notice on your bill you two stop playing the victim if your dumb *** would have paid the bill when the company told you to you would not be going thru this dumb *** I can't stand the general public you think everything should Ben handed to you and there should not be any Consequences for your actions shut the *** up


I actually avoid all of this because I pay my bill.. It saves you a lot of stress and embarrassment.. Lol

Columbus, Ohio, United States #760050

Regarding filing a complaint, you should start reading here:



I would like to know how i can file a formal complaint against Columbia Gas. This company is nothing but some sorry *** rip off artist.

They had the nerve to shut off my gas twice in one month. In addition, the driver had the nerve to park his company truck in my driveway, not to mention, place the shut off notice on my storm door and applied a ton of tape on one sheet of paper. I really dislike this company and I want to file a formal compliant against them for over charging for those outrageous reconnect fees. In addition, they had the nerve to shut off my gas when it was forecast that the temp was going to drop on a Friday night.

When i arrive home that evening, it was already cold and I had to wait until the following week for some dumb *** to come back to restore my service.

Here is it 2:13pm, I had to lost a full day from work, because of this sorry *** company. I told them, if you shut my service off one more time, I promise I will have Columbia Gas, come and take their meter off my house.

Sylvania, Ohio, United States #724804

I waited more than 5 hours for them come to turn my service on. They are so wasting my time, and I don't like their customer service.

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