I missed my payment by 2 days for 130 dollars. They shut my gas off and forced me to pay an 89 dollar reconnect fee and a 380 dollar deposit.

I was 2 days late and my account had no previous balance due. They acted like I hadnt paid my bill in months. 2 days late....really? I cant stand this company.

Worst experience ive ever had. Ive been a customer in the same house for 5 years.

Location: 12301 Chewning Lane, Fredericksburg, VA 22407

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PAY Y'ALLS BILLS. damn if someone owed you money would you want them to keep using your *** like damn think about it everyone wants their money you used it you didn't pay for it and if you think y'all can pull a fast one and say I wAs OnLy 2 DaYs LaTe you lying more like two months my man aint no where cutting that gas or anything off being 2 days late


LOL, Right now I am kind in the same spot. I know I am lately, however I do paid.

I owned them $298.00. Moreover I decided to go for a budgeting with them. The first pay I paid $200.00, therefore I owned them $90.00. My payment it was supposed to be $70.00.

Well, since I paid $200.00 instead $70.00. So, last month I miscalculated so I decided to pay $50.00, which leaves me with $20.00 for the whole month of July. I just got a shutoff notice that I owned them $375.00 if I can’t came up with the money in August 8(I thinking) they will shut off my gas.

Just because I only could pay $50.00 out of my $70.00 bill. I was told when I signed up they said if I can’t pay then I won’t be able to get another budget planned, they never said They would robbery a disable person.


Or maybe use that SSI check for what’s it’s supposed to used for the bills and maybe you wouldn’t be in this situation

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