They shut my gas off without notice while it was 28 degrees outside, when I called to get it turnt back on the needed fees in top of fees, and then Im told they cant turn it back on till Monday, its Sunday and calling for snow. I have many animals and my house is hard wood it is absolutely freezing in here.

So Im told if I pay a 95$ fee theyll be able to send someone out before Monday. So I paid them over 300$ to turn my gas back on, call them back just to be told yet again that someone wont be on till Monday?

My gas shouldnt have been cut off for one without a warning. This company is complete *** excuse my language but Ive had it with them.

Location: Chesapeake, Virginia

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Man shut up, ain’t nobody care about you like that. Pay your bills. You paid that internet bill to post all this but you ain’t got no type of heat girl bye


Pay your bill *** *** *** You got internet but no gas hope this complaint keep that *** warm. Turnt?

You mean turned.

But I get you can’t spell correctly because you’re cold right? It can be 4 degrees outside and if you don’t pay that bill that gas is getting turnt off lol stop complaining you got that WiFi but you don’t have no heat lol


So, you obviously weren't paying your bills and you thought you would get a notice when they were tired of you? What did you hope for, a last last warning that would give you time to get your money together.

Look, YOU for whatever reason decided to make other things a priority to staying warm This is your fault... Accept it like a real man or woman and stop the whining. Strange you have a way to post this nonsense but can't keep an essential like gas on. To top things off, you speak of animals.

They cost money too. Sounds like the gas company decided to teach a lesson and show you they're tired of coming in last to animals or an internet-enabled device.

Learn to budget and prioritize and your utilities won't go off without warning. OK, this is the part where entitled serial dead beats say "you must work for them."

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