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I made a payment agreement for sept.12th... So I call sept. 12 from work at 1:20ish (20 min after I get paid) to pay my bill... And it says to restore service.. Blah blah blah.. So I speak with someone.. He apologizes.. Says he's going to get this resolved.. He sees my payment agreement is for the 12th.. Says he will call me back either way.. Never heard back so I call back.. I'm told they will be here by 8:30pm... Next day still NO GAS!!! I...
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I came home from work to a piece of paper that stated that my gas was turned off.No previous notice. Pay a turn on charge of 87.00 and get this... a security deposit of $239.00. The representative asked me what my address was and I told her no that was incorrect and she asked me to give her my correct address. I told her I had not received a notice and she still insisted that I payed my previous bill of 113.44 plus all these fees, for a grand...
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We recently missed a payment and our gas was shut off.It has since been paid, and someone was supposedly supposed to come out and turn it back on. Temperatures are dropping very low this weekend, so it is important for us to have heat and hot water. When I called to check the status of the person who was coming to turn it back on, they told me it was "In-progress", however, he has yet to show up. Then we were told he must have had some kind of...
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I didn't like
  • Overcharging
  • Unethical business practices
  • Bill paid still not turn on gas three small children in home